accès champs-Elysées

Exit Champs-Elysées station on the Grand Palais side!

After 28 months of works, Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau station has reopened with an additional entrance/exit on…


Tram T7: Night closure between Athis-Mons Porte de l’Essonne and Cœur d’Orly

So that renovation works can be carried out on a bridge over the T7 tram track at…

Ligne 4 du métro

Metro line 4: closures in 2020

The line is closed at night from Monday to Thursday and on Sunday mornings until 17 december.


LEDs shed light on energy saving

As early as 2016, and as part of our energy and climate policy, the regular lights in our network have been…

Station Assemblée Nationale

We are renovating your stations

A new phase of upgrading and renovating the Paris metro, the most important since its construction in 1900, has…

centre bus

Real estate: The way we are contributing to the city of tomorrow

By modernising our real estate portfolio, and in particular our industrial buildings, still largely located in…

métro aérien

Providing the energy for your transport

With 2,000 km of cables distributed under 500 km of roadway, our own high-voltage network provides 75% of the…


A breath of fresh air for the network

We are running more and more metro and RER trains to ensure the mobility of an ever-increasing number of…

ligne 14

Métro ligne 14 : interruption de trafic en soirée

Le trafic est interrompu tous les lundis et mardis soirs, du 13 janvier au 10 mars inclus, de 22h15 à fin de…