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Tech for Good Summit: Uber and RATP Group join forces to drive new opportunities for independent workers

Paris, May 15 - As part of the Tech for Good Summit organized by President Emmanuel Macron, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, and Catherine Guillouard, RATP Group CEO, announced a partnership to build bridges between independent workers who partner with Uber and the RATP Group jobs. Uber drivers and delivery partners will be able to have their soft skills recognised during the recruitment process within RATP Group.

The common soft skills framework

Co-presidents of the ‘Future of work’ group, Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, and Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, have released the results of the work conducted over the past year on career pathing and professional development in the digital age.

The working group identified soft skills as an area of opportunity to support social and economic mobility for independent workers. Supported by Article 1 organization, which is dedicated to fighting against unequal opportunity, the ‘Future of Work’ group members have jointly developed a soft skills framework that they commit to recognizing and using in their recruitment processes or in supporting the professional growth and development of their  workforces.

The aim of this standard is to ensure that workers - especially the so-called low-skilled - have better access to quality work opportunities and vocational training regardless of their life path and their past experience.

The organizations thus recognize soft skills such as adaptability, decision making, conflict management as necessary and valuable to the success of their workforces and are committed to using the framework as part of their recruitment and HR policy. Workers will eventually be able to access a dedicated platform developed by Jobready, a subsidiary of Article 1 organization, to identify their skills, assess them and choose appropriate training.

Companies such as Uber and the RATP Group recognize these skills as essential and are committed to using the soft skills framework with their workforces.

The partnership between Uber and RATP Group

Uber and RATP Group are partnering to launch a pilot aimed at creating bridges between the platform independent workers and the jobs offered by RATP Group. The soft skills of self-employed workers using the Uber app (interpersonal relations, business management, digital communication, active listening, etc.) will be taken into account valued to facilitate their career development. Their skills will be particularly considered for jobs related to driving or services.

I was thrilled to take part in President Macron’s Tech for Good summit, working alongside other global leaders to discuss how we can improve work quality in the digital age. With this soft skills framework, we will help independent workers get better recognition for the skills and competencies they develop on the job. We are also going one step further with a pilot with RATP Group to provide Uber partners with direct new opportunities for the future.

Dara Khosrowshahi
Uber CEO and Future of work group Chairman

We are delighted to initiate a partnership with Uber, demonstrating the RATP Group’s agility and ability to imagine new innovative recruitment solutions as we have significant needs around certain jobs, including driving. This partnership also shows the links that can exist between historical transport operators and platforms, and how we can work together to improve access to employment, especially for young people. This is at the heart of the Tech for Good Summit.

Catherine Guillouard