Bag and luggage storage and transport service

Left-luggage and transfer services close at hand, to let you enjoy Paris in complete freedom!

Left-luggage lockers
This is a network of more than 170 certified left-luggage facilities stretching all over Paris, all within 5 minutes of a metro station. You can leave your bags and luggage in a locker for however long you want.

Luggage transfer
Your luggage transferred from A to B, from wherever you are to wherever you want (airport, train station, home, hotel, etc.).

Left-luggage lockers

  • Choose your locker on the websites of RATP’s selected partners.
  • Book and pay online at or
  • Drop off your bags and luggage at the locker you have booked.
  • Enjoy Paris in complete freedom! Shopping, museums, restaurants, theatres and cinemas are yours for the day!

Luggage transfer

  • Choose your preferred route and time.
  • Book and pay online at Eelway, RATP’s selected partner.
  • Your luggage will be picked up and taken wherever you want (airports, train stations, home, hotel, etc.).
  • Enjoy Paris in complete freedom!

Left-luggage lockers
For more information on left-luggage locations and pricing, go to Nannybag and Eelway.

Luggage transfer
For more information on availability and pricing, go to Eelway.

  • Book and pay online on Eelway: 5% discount (promo code RATP2019), partner selected by RATP

RATP has entrusted this service to two French start-ups specialising in luggage management: Eelway and Nannybag. Lockers are selected and provided by our partners. Bags and luggage are sealed during transfer.

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