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Day after day we innovate to build a sustainable, intelligent city, by designing, operating and maintaining transport modes on behalf of our passengers, in France and in the rest of the world.

Comprehensive expertise in multi-modal public transport systems on behalf of passengers

    Operations / Maintenance

    Exploitation / Maintenance

    Safe, reliable and punctual… In the Île-de-France region and around the world, we operate and maintain tens of thousands of kilometres of metro, bus and tramway lines, as well as urban and interurban rapid rail systems. We do everything we can t...
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    RER A – Exceptional measures for an exceptional line closure

    Handling passengers in an optimal manner during line closures has always been an important issue for us. This is especially the case for the...


    From prospective studies in a project’s upstream phases to the start-up of new transport infrastructure, and then throughout the major stages of its modernisation, our engineers design and implement mobility systems that address the challenges o...
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    Fully automated, century-old metro lines

    The automation of century-old metro lines without interrupting traffic illustrates our world leadership in automated metros and complex metr...


    In an ever more connected universe, we design ticketing solutions adapted to new usages and the evolution of mobile technology to improve the passenger experience. Our goal? For passengers to be able to obtain travel passes and tickets anywhere,...
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    Nomad or mobile ticketing services with RATP Smart Systems

    The Bi-Mo® solution, developed by our subsidiary RATP Smart Systems (formerly Ixxi) and available on iOS and Android, allows passengers to p...
    Passenger information / Operating system

    Information Voyageur / Système d'exploitation

    Our systems provide passengers with information that allows them to prepare and optimise their journeys, to see real-time traffic information while they’re on the move, and to be notified in case of an incident, so that they can rapidly find the...
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    RATP mobile app accompanies you on the move

    We offer a comprehensive, coherent information system to keep you informed, at the right moment, throughout your journey.

    Suitable offers for all types of mobility



      Bus: combining savings and performance

      With nearly 11,300 buses in circulation on our networks worldwide, including some 5,200 buses in the Île-de-France region and nearly a thous...
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      Ongoing projects

      We are extending our bus network Bus line 393: Sénia-Orly extension T ZEN 3 dedicated bus lane, to Les Pavillons-sous-Bois


      Tramway: combining regular service and respect for urban life

      Whether it be in France, the United States, Algeria, Italy, Morocco or Hong Kong, we are helping to spread the tramway’s revival around the ...
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      Ongoing projects

      We are extending our tramway network T7 extension to Juvisy-sur-Orge T3b extension to Porte Dauphine


      Metro and RER: increasing passenger capacity and safety

      From Paris to Seoul, from Algiers to Mumbai, from Johannesburg to Manilla, we ensure the operation and maintenance of metro and RER rapid tr...
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      Ongoing projects

      We are extending our metro network M14 extension to Orly Airport M11 extension to Rosny Bois-Perrier and then to Noisy-Champs
      New types of mobility

      New types of mobility

      New forms of mobility: adapting to a changing society

      On-demand transport, self-driving vehicles, car sharing, ride sharing: the emergence of new forms of mobility are profoundly changing our ha...
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      Ongoing projects

      Passenger services: increasingly personalised A 100% environmentally friendly bus fleet thanks to the Bus2025 plan M11 extension to Rosny Bois-Perrier and then to Noisy-Champs
      New passenger services

      Travel services

      Exemplary passenger services

      What people expect from public transport is evolving. Passengers want safe, reliable and comfortable transport services, but also flexible o...
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      Ongoing projects

      Passenger services: increasingly personalised Committed to the environment! Solidarity and the City

      The RATP Group deploys its expertise in 8 transport modes in 14 countries on 4 continents

      Carte de la présence du groupe dans le monde par activités (cf. description détaillée ci-après)


      • 02/09 - 16h18
        Half-year results
      • 26/07 - 11h39
        Catherine Guillouard is reappointed as RATP Group Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer
      • 18/06 - 12h25
        Airbus, Groupe ADP and RATP Group sign a partnership agreement to study the integration of flying vehicles in urban transport
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      Station agents, technical staff, and drivers: altogether more than 63,000 people work on behalf of our passengers. Join us